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French GCSE coaching

We offer private French tuition for GCSE covering both foundation and higher tier French coursework.

For the best examination results you will need a wide vocabulary and a good understanding of French grammar.

We need to know the relevant examination Board your school has chosen to register with as there are variations within the curriculum. The most well known Examination Boards for the French GCSE are:

  • AQA, Assessment and Qualifications Alliance Edexcel, now Pearson Edexcel, both AQA and Edexcel are the big exam boards with all exams sat in England. They both offer GCSEs and A levels.
  • The French GCSE course includes two writing and two speaking assessments, worth 15% each with a total of 60% of the GCSE and a reading and speaking exam worth 20% each totalling 40%.

Our role is to boost your examination skills by preparing you for the exam through the reading, listening and grammar exercises and recording and writing tasks under exam conditions.

You will need to prepare and revise thoroughly for best success. It is recommended to work little and often.

We are here to give you exam tips for example: the speaking assessment only lasts for approximately six minutes ash we will advise you to be prepared for responses of about 45 seconds each. We suggest you learn between five and twenty new words per day especially prior to sleeping.

We put the emphasis on the topics covered for the GCSE: family, relationships, school and education, free time, holidays, home and local environment, leisure, jobs, health.

We revise with past papers.

For more information please contact us directly.