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French lessons for children in London and online

Our French lessons come to you online or at home when social distancing ends.

Native French Teachers is an educational French language teaching agency giving your children the opportunity to learn French at an early age in a stimulating and engaging way.

Our virtual French classes will stimulate your child's interest in the French language.

Learning a foreign language in early childhood maximises your child's linguistic potential.

Our French teachers use the “French club” model with lots of fun activities, while singing, dancing, playing numerous stimulating games.

NFT French Club brings French to your children in a lively and entertaining way. Along with more traditional methods, we use toys, storytelling and comptines (French nursery rhymes) to enthuse children and take them through the learning process simply and effectively.

Easy and innovative, young children will soon learn French keywords, essential vocabulary and grammar to form useful sentences and gain a valuable introduction and insight into French culture in the target language in the most exciting and enjoyable way.

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