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Business French Courses in London

French language courses at your offices in London or online.

Our business French lessons are tailor-made to suit your language needs. Whether dealing with French organizations, coping with bureaucracy, on a business trip or simply on vacation, your success often depends on your ability to communicate effectively in French. This is why we are here to offer you knowledge and support and help you to achieve your goals.

Training Programme

For group tuition, the teachers will assess all students and integrate them into homogenous groups in order to stimulate the learners in a highly comfortable environment.

The elementary level helps the student to acquire the basic essentials of communication and master the key elements of French for social situations such as introducing oneself, make contact, interact promptly, etc.

The intermediate level gives the student the ability to converse at ease on both a personal and professional level and provides an opportunity to become familiar with idiomatic expressions and standard business vocabulary.

The advanced level promotes the student's mastery of the normal social and vocational uses of the language and provides a specialist range of vocabulary related to his or her work environment.

We organise assessments before and after tuition.

Specialized business courses

General : an all purpose course for social and business needs including conference participation.

Business and Commercial : a course designed for the busy client, specialising in business language skills, negotiations and French business practice.

Legal : an intermediate and advanced level course which improves oral and written proficiency, as well as providing basic information on company law, property law, contract law and legal terminologies.

Architecture/engineering/technical skills : designed for intermediate and advanced students, the course offers technical terms and provides on-site fluency. Students have the opportunity to familiarise with French architectural and engineering working practices.

Journalism : a course concentrating on interviewing skills and the ability to digest economic and political information.

Secretarial : a practical course concentrating on conversational and written skills, including letter-writing, business courtesies, telephone techniques and client relations.

Our clients include :

The Financial Times, The Treasury, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Ministry of Defence, MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency)... See all our clients.

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  • Courses are normally held on client premises but if preferred can be held at a central London location.
  • Classes can run from one to four hours per day or week.
  • Courses are completely flexible based upon your requirements.
  • Lessons are available at any time between 8.00am and 10.00 pm, seven days a week.
  • Rates vary depending on the number of students and the number of classes booked.
French lessons in London by Native French Teachers

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Teaching Methods

Based on a conversational approach

With the emphasis on fluent oral communication and the acquisition of a wide and specific French vocabulary, our students are provided with written and aural material to consolidate their acquired knowledge.

Easy, practical, exciting and above all tailored to your needs, our methods will successfully take you through the learning process.

To achieve this, you can chose between intensive courses, a long term programme, whether with individual or group French lessons to suit your level and take you to the next ones.

The aim of NFT is to emphasise practical competence.

NFT teachers integrate the appropriate business, cultural and professional backgrounds and familiarise our French language students through role plays with the very situations they are likely to encounter.

NFT brings you topics of interest within a functional framework, through audio visual methods such as Espaces and le Nouveau Sans Frontières, newspapers, magazines, films, television and radio programmes.

This flexible and communicative approach will ensure that students familiarise with all types of regional variations and up-to-date professional terminologies.

Comments from clients :

It has been a seamless and enjoyable experience right from the very moment I enquired about lessons. I feel they asked all the right questions and understood exactly what I wanted. They have a genuine interest in me and my language development. It's no...

by Flora Davidson, Flamingo Group

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