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Learning French and Teaching it during the Covid-19 Pandemic


Teaching and learning French during the pandemic with online tuition has been challenging.

Students found it difficult to choose between face-to-face French lessons and online tuition.

With face-to-face tuition being only allowed at times within the umbrella of the educational exemptions most students

were trying to weigh the pros and cons of both online tuition, home tuition and in-house language training in companies.

The advantages of online French language training during covid-19 were obvious as it allowed to receive home tuition

without any risk for the French tutor or the student.

Learning French online offers more flexibility also in terms of re-scheduling lessons.

Another advantage is that the student can see clearly the movements of the mouth to learn the correct pronunciation 

and to see the articulation as the masks do not help with facial expression. 

Face-to-face tuition has the advantage of the human interaction which offers a more friendly experience.

Now that the pandemic is over, a number of students have decided to learn French with a combination of online and face-to-face lessons, which offers more flexibility.

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